The Silver Case Artist On Entering The Video Game Industry


The Silver Case Screenshot Small


Siliconera recently caught up with artist Takashi Miyamoto, who was part of the original team that made Grasshopper Manufacture’s first game The Silver Case. Miyamoto explained how he got his start as an art designer in the video game industry, and shared some advice for aspiring artists looking to get in.


How did you get your start in art design for video games?

Takashi Miyamoto, Artist: It was actually a friend of mine who introduced me. At the time I didn’t have much interest in games, but I entered the industry as I was suggested to just try it as a means of making pocket money.


For aspiring artists who want to get into the game industry, what advice do you have for them? (i.e. What specialties are most needed in the current market, and what do you think makes an art portfolio stand out?)

This is true to any industry that’s related to art design, but being just good at drawing won’t get you anywhere because there’s tones of artists who are ‘good at drawing’. I believe the important thing is how you are able to show your uniqueness in relation to the day and age. I’m currently not in the industry anymore so I don’t know what the industry demands, but I can say that it’s important to have an interest in a multitude of genres like writing and films to have an arsenal of inspiration.


Miyamoto will share his sources of inspiration for his work on The Silver Case with Siliconera later this week.