SINceMemories is a Brand-New Start in the Memories Off Series


During the 20th Anniversary livestream for the Memories Off series, series producer Kazuhiro Ichikawa announced SINceMemories, a visual novel in the Memories Off series by the staff that developed the recent titles in the series. The game is a brand-new story that isn’t connected to past titles. (Thanks, Game’s Talk!)

Ichikawa made sure to stress the fact that this game will not be related to previous Memories Off games, even despite Mages president Chiyomaru Shikura Tweeting out that this is ‘a brand-new game in the Memories Off series’. Taking both statements into account, this game is likely a soft reboot that will tell a new story with a new setting. That said, the logo is the only thing that has been revealed so far.

The Memories Off series is known for being rather interconnected, with characters from past games appearing in each title to some capacity, such as the protagonist of the first game who appears in every game in the series. Considering that the series includes eight full main titles, and officially ended with Memories Off -Innocent Fille-, it’s a great time to create a new jumping on point for new fans. For those who wish to experience the original series, Mages also announced a collection of the first seven games, titled Memories Off Historia.

SINceMemories is currently in development. No platforms have been announced.

Alistair Wong
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