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Singapore-Made Action-RPG Masquerada Confirmed For PlayStation 4


Singapore-based team Witching Hour Studios has revealed that Masquerada: Songs and Shadows will be coming to PlayStation 4 as well as PC.


Masquerada is an action-RPG played from an isometric perspective and features pause-for-tactics party-based combat (inspired by BioWare RPGs). It tells a dark Venetian tale in the city of Ombre and follows the exploits of Cicero Gavar as he’s called back from banishment to solve a disappearance.


Ombre is a unique city in that it’s the only place in its world where magic is practised and it has had a profound impact on the city’s culture. Necessary to using magic is wearing special masks (hence the game’s title) which act like batteries.


You have to guide Gavar through this magical city, getting entangled in its steep politics, which will result in a number of scuffs when his investigation encounters hostile grounds.


Notably, Witching Hour has been pestered by the Singaporean government to remove the game’s homosexual supporting character Kalden Azrus – the government has temporarily banned games like Mass Effect due to including gay characters before.Witching Hour has no intention to remove Azrus or change his sexuality.

Chris Priestman