Singaporean Artist Reimagines Classic ‘80s Videogames In Ukiyo-e Style


Singaporean illustrator William Chua spent spent four years – between 2009 and 2013 – working on a personal art project that sees classic 1980s videogames realized in the ukiyo-e art style (thanks Spotlight Media).

The project is called “80s Warrior’s Record , The Completed Collection” and can be seen here. It may have been finished a couple of years ago but the project has only recently started to make the rounds on the web.

Part of the fun of viewing the images is guessing which videogame it is based on. For example, would you have guessed that the one above is based on Mega Man? If you did, try your hand at guessing the few images below. The answers can be found on the project page linked above.

Chris Priestman