SINoALICE Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau Server Service Ending

sinoalice taiwan macau hong kong end service

The Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong servers of SINoALICE will end service, but not without a final bang. Yoko Taro will create an ending for the main SINoALICE story especially for players on these servers, and it will come out on October 27, 2022. There are a few requirements you have to complete before you can get to the ending, though. Reaching this ending will permanently lock you out of the game, so people should proceed only when they have finished everything they want to do.

In order to reach the ending of the SINoALICE story, you have to:

  1. Clear Fusion Arc to unlock Elimination Arc
  2. Finish Alice’s Chapter 5 in the Elimination Arc

Once you do so, you will no longer be able to return to the main story. There will be a total of ten Verses for the finale chapter. Verses 1 through 9 will be available on October 27, 2022. Verse 10 will come out on November 3, 2022. You must clear Verse 10 solo, and you will only be able to use Alice. Once you complete Verse 10, the game will kick you out.

After you watch the ending clip after clearing the final arc, the game will forcibly log you out and then you can never log in again. The “SINoALICE English” Twitter account has also stated “NieR fans will understand.” This is likely a reference to certain endings of NieR and NieR Automata, that involve erasing a player’s save data once reached.

SINoALICE is available on mobile devices worldwide, with the global and Japan servers still safe. The Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong server of SINoALICE will shut down on November 10, 2022. The other servers may have different endings when they eventually end service.

Stephanie Liu
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