Yoko Taro Claims SINoALICE Will Not End in a Regular Way

Alice in SINoALICE by Yoko Taro

The latest Weekly Famitsu issue included special coverage about the Japanese fifth anniversary of SINoALICE. It included a new interview with SINoALICE director Yoko Taro. The title creator claimed that this mobile game would not end in a regular way. [Thanks, Ryokutya!]

Here are some of the highlighted quotes from Yoko Taro in the new Japanese interview:

  • “There has been a continued scam about ending things, but there may be many users who get that impression since we are entering the Creator Arc.”
  • “I have been saying that it would end, but the plan is that SINoALICE will not end in a regular way.”
  • “Please watch our final valiant figure when we have burned out and become destitute.”

Yoko Taro created SINoALICE, a mobile RPG that launched first in Japan on June 6, 2017. The global release came out roughly three years later, in July 2020. Square Enix celebrates the game’s fifth anniversary in June 2022. SINoALICE has received a lot of crossover content from not only Yoko Taro’s famed NieR series but also other anime franchises, such as Rozen MaidenCode Geass, and Kakegurui XX.

Famitsu also had a SINoALICE coverage for the game’s fourth anniversary in June 2021. At that time, Yoko Taro talked about the additional story featuring Devola and Popola from NieR Replicant.

SINoALICE is available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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