Skullgirls Gets An April Fools’ Character, And She Might Be Here To Stay



Lab Zero Games have added a “new” character to Skullgirls for April Fools’ Day—Fukua, a character described as a clone created by Brain Drain. Fukua looks similar to Filia, but uses different moves, and you can watch her in action above.


Lab Zero have outlined Fukua’s move list in their patch notes. Her inclusion in Skullgirls is theorized to be an amusing jab at Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Decapre, a new character that appears visually similar to Cammy. Like Fukua, Decapre, too, is a clone.


Siliconera got in touch with Lab Zero via e-mail to find out if Fukua is going to be a permanent addition to Skullgirls, or whether she will be removed after the joke is over. Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow replied, “We’re going to leave it up to the community to decide if Fukua stays or not.”


I asked Bartholow if he could clarify further. Would Fukua be taken out and added back in, provided the community liked her enough? Do Lab Zero plan on charging for her?


Bartholow answered, “I think we’re just going to leave her in and watch fan reaction. So far everyone seems to be having fun with her and wants her to stay, but we’ll wait a week or so before making a final decision, just to make sure the surprise/newness of the thing isn’t what’s influencing that.”


He added, “And we’ll never charge for her. If the community wants to keep her, she’ll stay in the game and we’ll roll her out on consoles with the Eliza patch.”

Ishaan Sahdev
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