Sneak Through A Medieval Syrian Palace In Qasir Al-Wasat, Out January 19th


Aduge Studio’s redux of its stealth-action game Qasir al-Wasat is coming out for Windows, Mac, and Linux on January 19th 2016.


It has you playing as a fragile and invisible demon from another world that has been summoned to a Syrian palace during the 12th century to perform an assassination.


As you sneak around the medieval Persian architecture you’ll want to avoid traps, eavesdrop on guards, and find hidden passages. If you do need to take out a guard then you’ll want to avoid making too much loud noise and be careful as to where bloodstains are left.


There’s also a dynamic narrative that will lead you to one of a number of endings depending on your actions. Find out more on the Qasir al-Wasat Steam page.

Chris Priestman