Solve The Mystery Of Your Own Death In Why Am I Dead At Sea



For reasons known only to the reaper, you find yourself on a ship in the middle of the sea, and you’re dead. The question at the heart of this mystery game is found in its title: Why Am I Dead At Sea.


To answer that titular question, you need to possess the residents on board this ship, and engage in conversation with the rest of them inside your new body, discovering the relationship between them. By doing this you uncover secrets, new clues, and scraps of information about each personality.


Progression in Why Am I Dead At Sea only comes if you begin to understand what makes each person to tick, and performing interactions informed by what you’ve found out. There are over 72 conversations to pay strict attention to, so make sure you do.


As you grow in ghostly power, you’ll be able to grasp full control of any of your hosts, and later yet you’ll be able to see into their inner mind. Hopefully, deep inside, you’ll find what forces came together to cause your death. It all depends on your detective skills.


You’ll be able to get to know the nine unique personalities in Why Am I Dead At Sea when it arrives on Windows and Mac in early 2015. Until then, consider voting it up on Steam Greenlight. Check out its website for more information.

Chris Priestman