Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don’t Hold Back

Fire Emblem Engage does away with romance between allies, meaning no paired endings, but does allow some characters to enter into loving relationships with Alear after being given the Pact Ring. It’s a bit of a change for the series, given most entries do have love interests for both the protagonists and other characters and paired endings. Still, the more romantic moments that are present can be quite lovely and well-executed. As an example of some of the better ones people can pursue, here are some of the more well-handled romances in Fire Emblem Engage.

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As you can guess, yes, there will be spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage romances between Alear and other characters below.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Alfred

Okay, I was certain Alfred was going to be one of the characters who wouldn’t be a romance option in Fire Emblem Engage. Like he was the first C-rank conversation I unlocked, and he kicked off the talk by establishing Alear was his “friend.” I’m thinking, “Right. I had an idea this was coming due to the Japanese rating. Fine.” Then when I was save scumming to see different S-rank options before the first time I faced the final battle, I figured I’d see how Alfred’s turned out after going after my first picks. (Zelkov, Mauvier, Pandreo, and Diamant, in case you were curious.)

I was so pleasantly surprised to see how it kicked off! To have Alfred go that friendship wasn’t going to cut it, and that he was basically in denial and trying to focus on “friends” was really great. I ended up liking it a lot.


Is it just me, or does Diamant almost feel like a possible “default” male love interest for Alear? From the way they meet to how the story goes, it seems to work. (I feel the same way about Ivy, by the way.) The two also open up to each other throughout their C, B, and A Support conversations. They trust each other enough to know what their weaknesses are.

Plus, I’m a very big fan of the fact that Diamant took a medal that was so important to him and used it to make a ring for Alear, as a way of “proposing” first.


Speaking of Ivy… This really does feel like a fitting conclusion to her story. After finding out that the entire time, she was a secret follower of the Divine Dragon, her getting to spend the rest of her life with Alear seems appropriate. It’s great to see Alear say they want to open their heart to her the way she did for them. Also, it’s one of those times when we actually get to see an emotional side of Ivy, and that’s always fun.


While the conversations between characters tend to be platonic, it feels like Kagetsu is constantly showing his romantic interest in Alear throughout Fire Emblem Engage. He’s very affectionate. If you give him a gift he likes, he suggests he could just kiss (“quiz”) you. So when it comes to the S-rank, it’s really satisfying to see him head on admit that the idea of Alear being with someone else is getting to him and he’s jealous.

It also leads to one of the most loving and affectionate final confessions, during which he flat out says, “I will devote my life to bringing you happiness. Because I love you!”

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Mauvier

It seems like Mauvier and Alear have a lot in common, despite being on opposite sides for much of the war. We really get to see that in the C, B, and A-rank conversations. Both go out of their way to help people, and they work together to try and aid in the recovery. Both also have a capital-P Past, which might lead to feelings of atonement that they can work on together as Mauvier recovers.

But I really like in the final S-rank Fire Emblem Engage conversation between the two is how obvious the apparent romance and attraction is between them. Alear has no trouble pointing out Mauvier’s finer points. Veyle already noticed Mauvier’s feelings for Alear and gave her approval. It’s very sweet.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Merrin

It’s always fun to see Merrin get flustered in Fire Emblem Engage, given what a cool and collected character she often is, and that is exactly what happens in her S-rank romance with Alear. The conversation initially seems like it will focus on her close-to-finished book. However, it’s then that she confesses her feelings for the Divine Dragon. Their ending also hints at how romantic and connected the two will be after the story, which is heartwarming.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Pandreo

I hate how much I ended up loving this barking, howling priest! He’s genuinely a fun character, and often rather thoughtful. Throughout his storyline, he’s opening up to Alear and getting them to, in turn, interact with ordinary people who also worship the Divine Dragon.

It’s great to see a genuine relationship grow out of that. It’s one where Pandreo isn’t just seeing Alear as someone to worship. So honestly, I really like the idea of the two of them together. Especially since their conversation at the S-rank can feel genuine.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Saphir

With Saphir, I loved how sensitive she came across in this romance. She’s always such a strong woman throughout the game. Even throughout the conversations with Alear, she’s this stalwart staple. But once the idea of them being partners forever comes up, we see that other side. It’s especially great to hear Alear say they want to be strong enough to protect her. Not to mention her going, “Can I really let myself be so happy?”


I worry about Seadall! Dude, you’re wandering in the desert and nearly get yourself killed. You’re holding yourself to possibly impossible standards to be the best dancer possible. When we get to the B-rank conversation, we see that perfect facade can drop. Also, that he’s so obsessed with perfection that he might deny himself occasional treats or rely on “cards” to get answers. We also see he’s willing to be a bit more tempered as a result of the bond.

Also, Seadall continues the trend of basically proposing to Alear before they do, which really helps this feel like a real relationship.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Zelkov

I like characters that are multifaceted a lot, and Zelkov feels like that. The Supports leading up to the S-rank are almost playful, with fun exchanges between two people able to relax around each other. At the same time, we get to understand him more.

Plus, I’m also a big fan of Fire Emblem Engage S-rank roamnces in which one character prepares a gift for Alear before even getting the Pact Ring. It really shows that this isn’t some one-sided affair, and that happens here.

As a reminder, there are other romantic S-rank conversations in Fire Emblem Engage, and you might find one of them more to your liking.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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