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Some Fresh New Dynasty Warrior 6 Screens



Dynasty Warriors is just one of those series that really hasn't changed anything at all about its gameplay mechanics muchless its graphical presentation. Sure the flair and exuberance of this next-gen Dynasty Warriors (rightfully titled Dynasty Warriors 6 I assume) looks like a small step in the graphics department for the series, but I seriously can't help but wonder if its gameplay will remain the same, even if swimming and climbing are introduced; then again, the ability to create and customize your own combos seems to add a bit of change in its gameplay, so who knows. Here's hoping the AI is smart and not just there…


Anywho, PS3 fanboy has gnabbed an abundance of screenshots of Dynasty Warriors 6 from the official Japanese site. If you're a diehard Dynasty Warriors fan who wants to see a bit more of what Dynasty Warriors 6 has to offer, these screens will show you just that. Some of them are awesome (like running on water!) while others show some more in-game graphics and battle sequences. Will Dynasty Warriors 6 take the series in a new direction? Maybe!  Screenshots past the break.


dw6.jpg  dw6-1.jpg


dw6-2.jpg  dw6-3.jpg


dw6-4.jpg  dw6-5.jpg


dw6-6.jpg  dw6-7.jpg


dw6-8.jpg  dw6-9.jpg


dw6-10.jpg  dw6-12.jpg


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