Some Of The Best Valkyrie Anatomia Characters Are Given Away In The Main Story




With mobile games, there is a tendency for developers to use gachas to distribute the best characters. Say with Fire Emblem Heroes, the Haar you get for free from the Grand Hero Battle, a green flying unit, wouldn’t be as good as the New Year Azura or Pale Flower Nino that appear in the banners that require you to spend the paid currency orbs. However, Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is more like another Square Enix mobile game, Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia. Some of the absolute best characters in the game right now are ones that you get for free as part of the main story.


This is a huge boon to people hopping into Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin. As we went over before, there are different ways to get characters. One is through the campaign. There are limited time events that dole them out. You can also try the Divine Weapon gachas to attempt to get a weapon that, when leveled up and transferred to Odin, will give you a new Einherjar. Two of those ways aren’t consistent. Events end eventually, taking away characters like Liu and Nachi. You aren’t guaranteed special characters from gachas. Knowing that the story characters are some of the most helpful ones in the game right now is a big help. Even better is knowing that these great characters arrive fairly early in the story.




The first great character players get in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is Sennah. After you complete the tutorial, which grants you Jeanne, Sennah’s is the first one told. She is an absolutely brutal warrior, and it is all because of two skills. She has Snipe, which increases her critical rate at the beginning of every turn. This is fantastic both in short and long battles. Mainly, because it compliments her other skill, Assault Drain. This one can be leveled up to increase its effectiveness. At its earliest, every critical hit restores 2% of your health. But, if you equip orbs, you can eventually recover 7% HP with every critical. She is essential and helpful for any stage of the game. She’s also a light sword user and, which works well since a lot of good light swords are in the game right now. If you can get an Eliminate Sword for her, a five-star weapon, it could be a good pairing. Her element is lightning and her limited skill, Lady’s Stance, increases ordinary lightning attribute attacks for two turns.


Fittingly enough, Sennah’s teacher is the next great one. The best way I can describe the Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin storyline is as having tiers. You complete the tutorial, then Valkyrie’s Awakening. After that, Sennah and Lucia Einherjar stories open up. Once you complete the Goddess of Fate chapter, ou get Kurt, Cloe, Valvalois, and Anelian’s chapters. After those are done, Caradoc, Ingrid, and Ranvald’s stories appear. Part of what makes Caradoc great is that, like Sennah, he relies heavily on criticals and healing. Except in his case, the healing isn’t tied to critical hits. True Seeing gives you guaranteed critical damage if you reach different tiers. So his rate is increased by 6% initially, but can eventually reach 10%. Tech Conversion, his healing skill, restores health by varying percentages every time you get 20 hits. (It starts at 3%, but eventually hits 9%.) Caradoc always lands 14 hits on an enemy. It’s a great way to guarantee health in the end game.




Finally, I would suggest giving either Ingrid or Valvalois a try. It all depends on if you would prefer yes another (heavy) sword person or an archer. Valvalois appears immediately after Goddess of Fate is completed, while Ingrid shows up around the same time as Caradoc. Ingrid is someone who pairs well with Caradoc, thanks to Soul Hunt and Adjust Force. Her Soul Hunt skill recovers between 1-5% of HP when an enemy dies, which isn’t going to help as much as Caradoc or Sennah’s skills, but is still something. More important is Adjust Force, which increases her attack by 5-8% if you keep your health above 80%. She also draws attacks with Martyr’s Cry, which helps since she’s fairly durable. Valvalois, on the other hand, is all about dealing criticals. He has Snipe, just like Sennah. However, he pairs that with the True Seeing skill he shares with Caradoc. I would almost say pair Ingrid with Caradoc, since you have his more reliable healing to work with Adjust Force, and perhaps have Sennah work with Valvalois.


It is refreshing to see a game where you have promising characters given to you almost right away. One is practically available from the very start, while the others don’t take too long to eventually join Lenneth’s cause. By keeping them in mind while building parties, you could put together a good team without having to worry about catching every event or trying to pull a good weapon to unlock a new Einherjar from the gacha.


Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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