Some Of The New Additions To Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix [Update]


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix is due in Japanese stores this January. In addition to the inclusion of English voice-acting, the Final Mix build will also include both the improvements from the English language version of the game and entirely new content as well.


Famitsu screenshots depict a mysterious, black-robed character fighting Terra. While it looks like there are three of them in the screenshot, that’s actually a special move involving copies.


There’s been some confusion as to just who this is. It’s a character that is a secret boss in the English version of Birth by Sleep, but has now been included in Final Mix. You face him where Terra, Ven and Aqua went through their training — the Land of Departure.




The completely new boss addition to Final Mix is another mysterious figure, this one heavily-armoured. Note that the armoured figure is wielding a keyblade. He’s connected to Terra, Ven and Aqua’s master, Eraqus, somehow:



Additionally, Pete who is now an ally, gives you a new D-Link move that looks like it lets you drive over enemies:



In terms of minigames, there’s a racing event that takes you through Disney castle. Crowns and stickers are back in Final Mix as well. And finally, Tetsuya Nomura has made mention of the game including a new secret movie, the details of which are naturally being kept under wraps.


Head over to Famitsu to check out more screens.

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