Someone Thought Left 4 Dead Needed A Little Neptunia


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The console goddesses of Hyperdimension Neptunia won’t be officially fighting zombies until Blanc + Neptune Vs. The Zombie Army, but there’s a way to see if they can stand against the undead right now. A modder by the name of [HTT✰] Nana Deviluke has made a mod that adds the CPU and CPU Candidates to Left 4 Dead.

The Left 4 Dead Hyperdimension Neptunia mod transforms the traditional player characters into ones from the JRPG series. Neptune replaces Ellis, Nepgear replaces Zoey, Noire replaces Rochelle, Uni replaces Bill, Blanc replaces Nick, Rom and Ram replaces Louis and Francis, and Vert replaces Coach. The mod changes their character portraits and names, as well as their appearances, though voice packs are a separate download.

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The Neptunia 8 Pack Left 4 Dead mod is immediately available via the Steam Workshop. It is a 16.1MB download.

Jenni Lada
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