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Sony Releases Ico Perfect Music Files for Its 20th Anniversary

Ico Perfect Music Files

It’s been 20 years since December 6, 2001, when Ico was first released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan. To commemorate the occasion, Sony has released the Ico Perfect Music Files, an album of the songs from the game.

The Ico Perfect Music Files is a remastered collection of the songs on Ico: Melody in the Mist, the official soundtrack released in 2002. The album features rerecorded and remastered songs. It also offered new tracks that weren’t included in the original Melody in the Mist. Rerecorded editions of Ico‘s main themes “You were there” and “Castle in the Mist” are included as bonus tracks. The Ico Perfect Music Files album contains a total of 41 songs. 25 are new, remastered, or rerecorded.

Though Ico Perfect Music Files is a new album for sale, Spotify users can experience some of Ico’s music for themselves. A “2021 Remaster” edition of Ico: Melody in the Mist is available for streaming.

The PlayStation Japan Blog post announcing the release also included messages from Composer Michiru Oshima and Ico creator and Game Designer Fumito Ueda. In addition to her compositions for Ico, Michiru Oshima is a prolific composer for games, film, and TV series. She worked on such projects as Star Wars: Visions, Fullmetal AlchemistSuikoden, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. After creating Ico, Fumito Ueda would lead Team Ico at Sony Japan Studio in creating Shadow of the Colossus. He parted ways with Sony to found GenDesign, his own studio. Through it, he continued the development of The Last Guardian until its release in 2016.

Ico Perfect Music Files is available for purchase at this site. The game itself is available to play on via Sony’s PS Now subscription service on PS4, PC and PS5. PS3 owners can pick up the Bluepoint-remastered Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

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