Gravity Rush Movie Teased Patapon project
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Sony Teases Gravity Rush Movie, Patapon Project at CES 2024

Sony teased first looks at both the Gravity Rush movie and a new Patapon project. Sony showed brief clips of both projects during a presentations at CES 2024.

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The teaser for the Gravity Rush movie came during the Sony CES 2024 press conference. A presentation for new visual arts studio Torchlight showed off behind the scenes shots for various projects. One of these projects was the Gravity Rush movie adaptation. The concept shots show a blonde character, likely the game’s protagonist Kat, leaping off a floating island towards a red dragon creature. There is also a clip of an actress doing motion capture for the aerial acrobatics. The visual style in the clips is more realistic than the games it’s based on, but it’s likely these visuals are not final.

It wasn’t the only project based on a Sony Japan Studio IP teased at CES 2024 though. A separate Torchlight presentation repeated the Gravity Rush clips, accompanied by a clip of a mysterious Patapon project. This clip featured the Patapons battling a mammoth, alongside its counterpart in the original game. This clip also has a different visual style, using 3D models instead of the flat 2D of the PSP games. It’s unclear if this clip is for a new game or an adaptation.

Sony have released few details about either project to date. The Gravity Rush movie was quietly announced in 2022, with director Anna Mastro and writer Emily Jerome attached. However, the Patapon project is a new reveal with no further information at present.

Due to the closure of Japan Studio, neither of the original teams are currently at Sony. Gravity Rush creator Keiichiro Toyama founded Bokeh Studio, who are currently working on the horror game Slitterhead. Meanwhile, the Patapon team recently crowdfunded a spiritual successor, Ratatan.

Due to their early development stages, neither the Gravity Rush movie or the Patapon project have announced release dates.

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