Slitterhead Combat is Action-Focused, Influenced by Gravity Rush

Slitterhead Combat Gravity Rush

Keiichiro Toyama revealed that Gravity Rush influenced the combat in Slitterhead. The subject came up during a Q&A session with the founders of Bokeh Game Studio. Additionally, the three studio founders talked about the game’s ongoing development and future plans. Notably, Kazunobu Sato confirmed that the game will get a physical release as well as a collector’s edition.

“This game is, in a way, a compilation of all of my past experiences,” Toyama said in a response to a question asking whether there were any aspects from Gravity Rush that inspired Slitterhead. Specifically, the development team used knowledge gained from Gravity Rush‘s height-based action sequences to design the combat in Slitterhead.

Game Director Junya Okura said that the game will prioritize entertainment over horror. While the game will focus on action elements, Okura also revealed that there will be slower-paced areas that will have stronger horror elements. Toyama added that, rather than relying on the difficulty to instill fear into players, he wants to create it through the internal conflict of “whether one should or shouldn’t do an action.”

A few of the questions revolved around the future of the studio, and whether Slitterhead would become a series. The creators also commented on the differences between working for a big publisher and going indie. The interview also discusses the inspiration of the game’s enemies and location.

You can watch the full Q&A session in the video below.

Slitterhead is in development. There is no confirmed release date or platform.

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