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Soul Hackers 2 Patch to Add Dash, Demons, Faster Battles

Soul Hackers 2 Patch

Atlus plans to improve the Soul Hackers 2 experience for all players with an update for the game. The Soul Hackers 2 patch will add some new features designed to make crawling dungeons less of a crawl, as well as to speed battles up. The update should arrive in “a few weeks”, or sometime in early November 2022.

In its news post announcing the Soul Hackers 2 patch, Atlus detailed some of the changes planned.

The main addition is the “Dash” function. This speeds up Ringo’s movement in dungeons so she and the party can cover more ground. The Dash function is a toggle that can be set anytime. It also accompanies an adjustment to one of Milady’s Summoner Skills, “Assassin’s Stride”. Previously, the skill increased movement speed temporarily during exploration. Following the patch, it’ll cause enemies to ignore Ringo for a set distance.

Second, the Soul Hackers 2 patch adds a “Speed Up” mode to battle. This speeds up combat animations.

Other adjustments include tweaks to loading screen tips, changes to on-screen prompts shown during Soul Level Increase to reduce instances of accidental input, adjustments to enemy spawn rates in dungeons, and the ability to move directly to shops from the City Map screen.

Lastly, the patch adds four new demons to fuse and use:

  • Pixie (Soul Hackers Ver.)
  • Neko Shogun
  • Aitvaras
  • Isis

The update lands in early November 2022. Soul Hackers 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out Siliconera’s official review of the game.

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