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Soul Hackers 2 Update Patches in 4 More Demons

A Soul Hackers version of Pixie and Neko Shogun appear in a Soul Hackers 2 update following patch 1.02

The 1.02 patch is live for Soul Hackers 2, and the update adds the extra demons and dash function Atlus promised. The developer said at the beginning of October 2022 that it intended to offer more quality of life additions.

At the time, there was only a general November 2022 release window. Now that the month really kicked off, all the extra characters and features are there.

All four demons coming to Soul Hackers 2 are returning characters. Aitvaras, Isis, Neko Shogun, and Pixie all appeared in multiple Shin Megami Tensei mainline games and spin-offs. However, this version of Pixie will look a little different. She’s specifically referred to as a “Soul Hackers version of the demon.

Also, the dash function won’t be the only way to speed up Soul Hackers 2 gameplay. When taking part in a fight, people can now choose “speed up” to increase the pace.

Here are the full update details for Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus’ official patch notes for 1.02.

A full list of changes can be found below:

Newly added functions:

Dash function
A “Dash” function has been added to Ringo’s movement.
The user can toggle between “Normal” and “Dash” at will. While in Dash Mode, Ringo’s walking and slashing speeds will increase.
Due to the addition of the dash function, the effect of the Summoner Skill “Assassin’s Steps” has been changed to: “For a given distance, enemies will ignore Ringo.”

Fast Battle Mode

A “Speed Up” mode has been added to battles. Players may freely toggle between normal and high-speed combat.


  • Adjusted how long loading-screen tips are shown.
  • Changed the flow of on-screen prompts during soul level increase to reduce the risk of incorrect input from accidental button presses.
  • Added the ability to teleport directly to shops from the City Map.
  • Adjusted enemy spawn rate in dungeons.
  • Adjusted skill inheritance rates during demon fusion.
  • Other minor changes.

Other changes

Added four new demons: Pixie (Soul Hackers Ver.), Neko Shogun, Aitvaras, and Isis.

Note: The above bonus demons do not count toward the Registration Percentage in the Demon Compendium or the achievement “Compendium Completionist.”

Soul Hackers 2 is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, and people can update to patch 1.02 immediately.

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