Soul Saga Enters Early Access Almost 7 Years After Its Successful Kickstarter

soul saga PC kickstarter

Back in June 2013, a Soul Saga Kickstarter was launched by DisasterCake for a PlayStation-style JRPG. Now, in 2020, it has finally launched on Steam Early Access. It is temporarily $17.99 until March 6, 2020, at which point the price will go up to $19.99.

The Soul Saga… saga… began back on June 15, 2013. The project launched with the intent of releasing the RPG on the Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. It follows Mithos, a young warrior whose father long ago left to head to the surface world, Oterra, to deal with the King of Dragons and corrupted Inkheart monsters so the people in the floating city of Medonia could return to their ancestral home. However, Medonia is in danger, the Ink corruption is threatening to escape past a Tempest Reef holding it back, and Mithos’ journey to surpass his father and become a legendary Guild Master could be the key to saving the day.

The Soul Saga Kickstarter ended up raising $195,528 from 5,631 people, and its initial release window was July 2014. Its beta didn’t end up launching until October 2018. The initial early access release window was July 2018, though that was pushed back until now.

Soul Saga is available via early access on PCs. The full version does not have a release date yet, with the Steam listing saying it will remain in early access “until fans feel the game is ready.” 

Jenni Lada
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