Space Invaders Invincible Collection To Launch March 26, 2020 With Limited Edition

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Taito has announced that Space Invaders Invincible Collection will release on March 26, 2020. Similar to Darius Cozmic Collection, there will be a Limited Edition version that includes more titles.


space invaders 2

While not all of the titles have been announced yet, here’s what has been announced for the normal version:

  • Space Invaders (Black and white)
  • Space Invaders (Color)
  • Space Invaders Part 2
  • Super Space Invaders ‘91
  • Space Invaders Extreme


space invaders 3

Meanwhile, here are the additional titles in the Limited Edition:

  • Space Invaders DX
  • Space Cyclone
  • Lunar Rescue


The Limited Edition also includes a new board game titled Space Invaders Invincible Board Game, which will differ from the available Space Invaders – The Board Game. There will also be an info booklet on the series, a drawstring bag that’s an imitation of those that were used to hold coin tokens in Taito arcades, and five instruction cards that recreate those found on the sides of the arcade machines.


space invaders 90

Taito has also struck a deal with Amazon to feature Space Invaders Invincible Collection during Prime Day. The special bundle available on Amazon then will include a DLC code for Space Invaders 90, a title originally released on the Sega Genesis.


Space Invaders Invincible Collection is headed to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2020.

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