Space Knights Battle In Melee Combat Starships In Fabular



Fabular puts players in control of a space ship that fights with medieval weaponry in a procedurally-generated cosmos.




Fabular’s art style and gameplay mix Middle Ages and Sci-Fi. Player ships can be equipped with melee weapons like axes and swords, but also have access to ranged weapons. Other aspects of the ships can be customized with gear and items from folklore.




Random text-based events can occur during the game, many of these also inspired by fantasy and fairy tales like The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, Table-Be-Set or Seven-League Boots.




The story behind the game is that seven knights have stolen the sun, and a good King has sent his two sons to find them. When they do not return, he sends his youngest child, the player, to travel to each of the seven kingdoms and beat the knights there to return the sun.

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