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Spike Chunsoft to Release Chaos; Double Pack in English

Chaos Head Noah Child Double Pack

Spike Chunsoft has chosen Chaos. Specifically, the Chaos; Double Pack. This compilation of the first game in Mages’ Science Adventure visual novel series and its sequel released in Japan on the Nintendo Switch in February 2022. Now Spike Chunsoft has confirmed the Chaos;Head/Chaos;Child Double Pack for an official English localization, dated for October 7, 2022. Mages had previously teased the possibility on its Twitter account.

Check out a trailer for the Chaos; Double Pack.

To reiterate, the Chaos; Double Pack contains Chaos;Head Noah and its sequel Chaos;Child. Chaos;Head Noah is the enhanced edition of the 2008 original Chaos;Head. The game follows Takumi Nishijo, a high school student with “no interest in 3D,” meaning he’s at risk of becoming a recluse. In his home city of Shibuya, a series of strange killings has been dubbed the “New Generation Madness.” Takumi receives a disturbing image from a mysterious person named “Shogun” that appears to predict the next killing. The next day, Takumi discovers a crime scene with a corpse and a girl named Rimi Sakihata nearby, who is covered in blood.

Sequel Chaos;Child takes place six years after a disaster called the “Shibuya Earthquake.” During that time, strange phenomena are occurring around the city, including multiple inexplicable deaths. A sumo wrestler sticker is found at the crime scenes, hinting at a return of the New Generation Madness killings.

Both games are part of the “Science Adventure” series, a line of sci-fi visual novels that includes the Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes titles. Chaos;Head is the first game in that series, and the Chaos; Double Pack is the first official localization for the title. Chaos;Child received a localized English release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2017, followed by a 2019 release on PC.

The Chaos; Double Pack features both games on a single cartridge for the physical edition. The graphics and videos are remastered in HD, including music. Both games will also have full Japanese and English text options, as well as Japanese voice acting. Chaos;Head Noah will additionally include costume DLC, dressing some characters in lingerie.

The Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child Double Pack is available on Nintendo Switch in Japan and will release globally on October 7, 2022. Another Science Adventure franchise, Steins;Gate, has a new title in development.

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