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Mages Teased a New Project in the Steins;Gate Franchise

new Steins;Gate Science Adventure

There may be a potential new entry in the “Science Adventure” franchise, the umbrella brand that covers Steins;Gate and related works from developer Mages. The news comes courtesy of a cryptic post from the official Science Adventure Twitter account:

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Translated, the post reads:

“World Line Fluctuation 0.210317%

The story shall be “Reborn”

It’s followed by the official Japanese hashtag for the Steins;Gate series, “#シュタゲ”.

Steins;Gate is an adventure game in the Science Adventure franchise and one of the most popular entries in the brand. It concerns the adventures of Rintaro Okabe, a self-styled “Mad Scientist” who, alongside his friends, discovers a method for traveling back in time and causing divergent futures to be created. The game appears on a variety of platforms, inspired a sequel and spinoffs, and was adapted into an anime series in 2014. There is also an updated remakeSteins;Gate Elite, which used footage from the anime series to allow the game to be replayed with a new aesthetic.

The new Steins;Gate project teaseer image shows the “World Line Fluctuation” numbers in a set of cathode tubes, mimicking the way the games and anime displayed the level of divergence between various parallel universes. The numbers appear to tease a date for a more detailed announcement: March 17, 2021.

Most likely, that date will be when Mages drops new details on the project for the first time since it was announced in October 2020, when Mages president Chiyomaru Shikura revealed a new project with the redacted title of “Steins;〇〇〇〇”. At the time Shikura noted that the new title would have a similar relationship with Steins;Gate as two other Science Adventure titles: Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child. That implies that the new game will be a sequel of sorts, but not necesarily a direct continuation of the events of Steins;Gate and its sequel Steins;Gate 0.

New information on the Steins;Gate Science Adventure title is expected on March 17, 2021. Meanwhile Steins;Gate, its sequel, and remake are available on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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