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Splatoon 2 Screenshots Show Off Its Octo Expansion, Fresh New Gear And Stages



More information and screenshots about Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion and Version 3.0 update have been uploaded to Nintendo’s US and JP websites. You can see our first report and the trailer here.



octoexpansion2 octoexpansion3

octoexpansion4 octoexpansion5



The new single player adventure has 80 missions, and features Captain Cuttlefish, Pearl, and Marina, and also has new characters that haven’t been revealed yet. By beating the mode, Octolings (Boy & Girl) can be used in normal matches.


Version 3.0

New Gear

3.0 1 3.0 2

3.0 3 3.0 4


New and Returning Stages:

Camp Triggerfish

camp triggerfish


Piranha Pit

piranha pit


Wahoo World

wahoo world




Callie also appears in Octo Valley after certain requirements are met! She’ll give the player info and tips.




Rank X will also be added at a later date, with more info to come later. It is an even higher rank than S+.


Octo Expansion will arrive in Summer 2018. Splatoon 2 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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