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Splatoon 2’s Squid Sister Stories Tells Us About Marie’s Doubts Over The Final Splatfest



Nintendo has released the second chapter in their ongoing short story, the “Squid Sister Stories,” featuring what happened to Callie & Marie following the Final Splatfest. The intro and prologue can be read here, while the first chapter covered how the Final Splatfest had impacted the Squid Sisters’ lives.


In this newest installment courtesy Splatoon 2’s official website, we get a look into Marie’s thoughts after the final battle as she wonders if her victory has somehow negatively affected her and Callie’s relationship. You can read the chapter below.


Marie was home alone. She’d gotten a day off, but with theater rehearsals starting up next month, she knew life would be returning quickly to its frantic pace. Chances to relax at home like this would soon become few and far between. Knowing work would keep Callie out late, Marie busied herself with the chores that always seemed to pile up and waited for her friend to return home.

At times like this, Marie’s thoughts always seemed to drift…

“How had Callie truly felt when the results of the final Splatfest had been announced? She seemed disappointed, of course, but that was just because she’d lost…right? Or was she actually jealous of my rising popularity? Could she still be holding it against me after all this time?”

“Just listen to yourself, Marie—you’re overthinking this. You know Callie would never feel that way. Maybe all this worrying has actually given you some sort of superiority complex. Maybe winning that final Splatfest has made you full of yourself.”

The very idea stung Marie with a twinge of self-loathing…


Splatoon 2 is set to release on July 21st, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch.