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New Splatoon 3 Multiplayer Pools, Stage, and Weapons Revealed

Splatoon 3 New Stage Umami Ruins

Nintendo revealed a bunch of new details on upcoming Splatoon 3 content. This means new additions, as well as a change to how you’ll play with others. The latest updates included details on a new stage and new weapons. There’s also the addition of Pools for Splatoon 3 multiplayer, which let you play together without being Switch friends..

First up, here’s the new stage. While it’s been glimpsed in previous trailers and reveals, the stage has now been confirmed to be called Um’ami Ruins. It is a dig site with an Ancient Egyptian feel. Nintendo released a fly-by of its various features.

It’s not the only Splatoon announcement, however, as two new weapons were revealed. Both are new variations on previous weapons. The L-3 Nozzlenose D is a version of the L-3 Nozzlenose, which replaces the Curling Bomb sub-weapon and Crab Tank special with Burst Bombs and Ultra Stamp, respectively. Similarly, the Rapid Blaster Deco is a variant of the Rapid Blaster that replaces Ink Mine and Triple Inkstrike with Torpedo and Ink Jet.

Finally, a new feature will be added that will allow Splatoon 3 players to join matches with player Pools, allowing for more custom multiplayer with specific people. This will be done via unique letter and character combinations, with Nintendo’s description sounding similar to the titles players can apply to their profiles.

All these new additions will be part of the Fresh Season, which begins on March 1, 2023. Splatoon 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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