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Splatoon 3 Water Bottle is Based on the Ink Tank

Splatoon 3 Water Bottle

The Nintendo Stores are debuting some new Splatoon-based merchandise items that’ll be familiar to avid players of the game. The Splatoon 3 water bottle in particular replicates the look of the in-game Ink Tank toted by Inklings and Octolings. The items debuted as part of the selection at the Nintendo Stores in Osaka and Tokyo

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Like the in-game Ink Tank worn by the combatants, the Splatoon 3 Water Bottle is actually more of a water bag or pack. It doesn’t have rigid sides, so it can be flattened and stored away when empty. It has measuring lines on the design, as well as a telltale red line. In-game the red line typically shows how much ink is needed to use a player’s sub-weapon. The bottle also includes a suction nozzle, safety cap, and a carabiner to hang it from a bag. The bottle costs 1,210 Yen (about $10 USD).

Besides the Splatoon 3 water bottle, other items are on sale in the wave of new Splatoon merchandise at the Nintendo stores. One artificially distressed t-shirt resembles the default shirt given to Inklings at the start of the game. It costs 4,620 Yen (about $35 USD).

A set of foldable umbrellas comes in the signature blue and yellow colors of Splatoon 3. Their carrying cases also resemble the Ink Tank design. They cost 3,960 Yen each (about $30 USD). And a hooded towel keeps its user dry at the beach or pool. Other gear items include bags, pouches, and a set of key chains sculpted after Little Buddy.

The new Splatoon 3 water bottle and other merchandise are available at the Nintendo Stores in Japan. The game itself is on Nintendo Switch.

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