Spy x Family Anime Release Date and New Key Visual Revealed

spy x family

Cloverworks and Wit Studio announced some new information about the Spy x Family anime, including when it will start. The show will start broadcasting from April 9, 2022 in Japan. As Crunchyroll announced that it would stream the show, those who have Crunchyroll Premium will be able to simulcast it every week.

Along with the news of its release date, there is also a new key visual. It shows Loid, Yor, and Anya walking down the street like a normal family. But their “true” identities appear below them like a reflection. Spy x Family is a story about the Forger family, which is a cover family Loid created to fulfill a mission. Unbeknownst to him, his fake wife is actually an assassin and his fake daughter is really a mind reader. Hijinks ensue.

Viz Media licensed the tankobon volumes for those who would like to read physical versions of the series. But Spy x Family is also available online, as it is serialized in Shonen Jump+. While some of the earliest chapters and newest ones are free to read, you will need to spend 30 points to rent chapters in between for 48 hours.

Spy x Family will be part of the Spring 2022 anime line-up. It will debut on April 9, 2022 in Japan. Other shows that will air alongside it include season 2 of Komi Can’t Communicate, Yu-Gi-Oh: Go Rush!!, and Ao Ashi.

Stephanie Liu
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