Spy x Family Anya Dollfie Dream Doll is in Development

anya dollfie dream doll spy x family

A Dollfie Dream doll of Anya from Spy x Family is in development, though we do not yet know the prices or release window. The company previously released a Dollfie Dream version of Yor Forger from the same series. Though Anya will appear in her school uniform, there will also be a set of her casual clothing you can change her into. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Dollfie Dreams are posable, ball-jointed dolls from Volks. While the dolls come with clothing that you can change them into, you can also make your own. So far, there is virtually no information on the Anya Dollfie Dream doll. There is not even a picture of it in development. The official website for Spy x Family Dollfie Dreams mainly features Yor.

Though Anya spends the majority of Spy x Family in her uniform, episodes showing her misadventures on the weekend show her in casual clothing. For example, in season 2, she spends quite a few episodes in a dark blue jacket. This outfit may end up being the one that you will be able to change her into.

The Spy x Family Anya Dollfie Dream doll is in development. More information on its price, as well as its release window, will appear some time in the future.

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