Spy x Family Nanoblock Set Features the Forger Family


The Forger clan is joining the Nanoblock lineup. A new set of Spy x Family Nanoblock figures will appear in the United States and go on sale in January 2023. Part of the Mininano line, the set consists of six characters in total. Loid, Anya, and Yor Forger will each get two variants.

Check out some shots of the set in the gallery below.

Each Spy x Family Nanoblock pack is sold individually for $6 USD each and contains one figure to build. The Mininano line is sold via a “blind box” system. Purchasers of individual packs won’t know which figure is inside until they open it. However, a full box contains six packs, one for each figure, so that’s a way to get the full set in a single bulk purchase.

Each figure stands about 1.59″ tall (about 4cm) and needs to be assembled from the included blocks. The members of the Forger family appear in color patterns designed to resemble their work and casual outfits. Loid wears his green suit and red tie, and his casual variant wears khakis and a blue shirt. Meanwhile, Anya wears the Eden Academy uniform, and an orange dress with a red skirt. Lastly, Yor wears a blue sweater and dress in her casual incarnation (with the head blocks colored different to represent her hair band), while her “work” variant reflects her evening dress-like assassin outfit, with protruding pieces to represent her pointy headdress.

The Spy x Family Nanoblock packs go on sale in January 2023 in North America. Other brands with a Nanoblock presence include PokémonKirby, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Josh Tolentino
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