Spy x Family Tamagotchi Makes Dressing Up Anya a Delight
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Spy x Family Tamagotchi Makes Dressing Up Anya a Delight

When it comes to the anime-inspired Tamagotchi Nano models, the goal tends to be about maintaining and improving a specific character’s condition instead of grand evolutions. In the case of the Spy x Family Tamagotchi Nano, it’s about caring for Anya Forger. It’s as entertaining as you’d expect. However, I also find it makes me want some means of regularly dressing up Anya and ensuring she has the cutest wardrobe ever.

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Once you start the Spy x Family Tamagotchi Nano, you immediately start caring for Anya. As this is one of the more stripped-back variants, it isn’t as taxing as other models. You don’t need to constantly check stats. Just pop in every once in a while to feed Anya. Play games with her, of which there are three, or give her sweets to boost her happiness. The main thing to watch for here is that Henry Henderson will sometimes appear, usually accompanied by a sound. You then need to press the A button as soon as possible to make Anya elegantly impress him. 

The fun part of this, aside from getting to care from Anya in general, is unlocking outfits. Instead of her evolving or changing form based on how well you are doing or hitting certain milestones, her clothing will change. So if you feed her until she’s full frequently, play and give her treats to ensure she’s happy, and don’t let Henderson catch you off guard, she’ll tend to change her outfit at least once. Twice, if your care is especially good and you’re attentive. 

It really made me wish that, well, I could see more outfits and make her even cuter. The level of detail for her standard sprite and clothing options is surprisingly high, given this is only a Tamagotchi Nano. Likewise, when other characters like Loid, Yor, and Damien show up, they all look great too. So it’s really a great motivator to see how certain actions, such as playing a lot of the dodgeball minigame, result in Anya deciding to wear her gym clothes all the time.

The only downside is that the Spy x Family Tamagotchi doesn’t always make it incredibly clear (or easy) to discern what some of its Missions games want to ensure I get to build up Anya’s wardrobe. The easiest is a dodgeball-themed one, which involves using A and B to move her out of the way of balls. Though honestly, I would sometimes forget A is down and B is up. The minigame with Bond involves mashing the A button and is quite easy, but since there’s no explanation that Anya and Bond are on the run, you can fail continually unless you look it up. The S-P-Y slot machine isn’t too difficult, provided you pay attention to the reels to spell S-P-Y. However, I found the fact that you need to do so perfectly to net certain clothing options a tad frustrating.

I suppose the plus side is that my dress-up dream inspired by the Spy x Family Tamagotchi Nano is about to come true, thanks to Spy x Anya. The adventure game, which is already available in Japan, involves helping the young girl create a photo diary for a school assignment. You do things with the Forger family, play minigames, and… play dress-up. So, I suppose this is essentially helping me ease the wait for the other activity involving Anya.

The Spy x Family Tamagotchi Nano is this novelty that leverages the fact that Anya Forger is adorable. It relies on the fact that we think she’s cute to start, and want to care for her to see how much cuter she can get in her extra outfits. The fact that I’ve only seen five in addition to her base ones and not unlocked either of the “special” ones just makes it (and the promise of Spy x Anya’s costumes) more promising.

The Spy x Family Tamagotchi Nano model is available worldwide. Anyatchi Pink and Spy Green case variants are available

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