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Squall from FFVIII Can Be Bought With Gil in Chocobo GP

Squall from FFVIII is One of the Characters That Can Be Bought With Gil in Chocobo GP

As suggested in a Japanese screenshot, Squall from FFVIII will be among the initial characters in Chocobo GP. However, he won’t be a part of the default roster. Rather, an unlocking element will come into play. To get him, people will have to acquire and pay Gil in the shop.

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Square Enix revealed the method of earning Squall on Twitter. When the company did, it also shared his character model. While this is a racing game, he’ll still come armed with his Gunblade. It also mentions he will appear alongside the first season of Season Pass content.

We already had an idea that Squall would be one of the characters available in Chocobo GP. A screenshot showing him with Cloud appeared on the Japanese Twitter account. As for Cloud, someone would need to hit level 60 in the first Season Pass in order to earn him.

Chocobo GP will appear on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 10, 2022. There is also a free Chocobo GP’ game for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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