Square Enix Million Arthur NFT Pressing Forward, Will Use LINE Blockchain Service

Square Enix Million Arthur NFT

Square Enix initially announced that it would be making its foray into the NFT market back in May. Now, the company has announced that its Million Arthur NFT will start selling in Summer 2021 using LINE Blockchain. It also opened up a new teaser site explaining the basic concepts of NFTs and how users will be able to manage the “NFT Digital Sticker” in their LINE BITMAX Wallet. [Thanks, Gamer!]

Additionally, the teaser site reveals that there are multiple NFT stickers currently in the works, as well as a four-panel comic that will be shown at a later date. The stickers, designed by manga artist Choboraunyopomi, will each have a unique ID attached and will be tradeable using LINE’s NFT marketplace. While the site mentions that the stickers can be “pasted” onto things like physical stickers or LINE stamps, it is currently unconfirmed what exactly this entails.

Square Enix will sell the NFT in partnership with Double Jump.Tokyo, a company that has developed various blockchain games and provides services for companies operating NFTs. It’s also the same company that is pairing up with SEGA to globally expand its NFT content. According to a PR Times post, LINE is also hoping to connect its new blockchain service to “in-game communications” and other forms of digital entertainment.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) made waves back in March 2021, when the concept was popularized as a way for people to prove authentic ownership of a digital asset. However, due to the nature of blockchain-based currencies, many criticized NFTs as wasteful assets that would contribute to global warming. Recently, the NFT market has also seen a significant decline in value after its peak in March.

Square Enix will partner with Double Jump.Tokyo to sell the Million Arthur NFT in Summer 2021.

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