Square Enix Reveals a New Xenogears Bring Arts Figure Set

Xenogears figures

Square Enix revealed a new set of figures based on Maria Balthasar and Chu-Chu from Xenogears. They are part of the Bring Arts line of figures, and both Maria and Chu-Chu are included in the same set. The price of the figures is 16,280 JPY (roughly $123 USD). The estimated release date for the set is December 23, 2023. The figure set is available now for pre-order from  from the official Square Enix eStore website.

The figures recreate both Xenogears characters, including Maria’s elaborate hairstyle, her signature ribbon, and goggles. The figure set comes with a transparent acrylic stand for Maria, along with different parts, which includes different arms, hands, and faces. Maria’s figure is also fully posable. Chu-Chu’s figure doesn’t include any parts, and it has two different posable positions, these being standing and sitting.

You can check out a gallery of the Maria and Chu-Chu Bring Arts figure set here:

In October 2022, Square Enix included Xenogears songs in two of their latest chill and EDM remix albums.

The Maria Balthasar and Chu-Chu Bring Arts figure set from Xenogears is available now for pre-order from the official Square Enix eStore website. The release date for the figure is December 23, 2023, and it costs approximately $123 USD.

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