Square Enix Symbiogenesis NFT Treasure Hunt Member Card Cap Being Raised

Square Enix Symbiogenesis NFT Treasure Hunt Member Card Cap Being Raised

To attempt to generate interest in its Symbiogenesis NFT endeavor, Square Enix held a Treasure Hunt on the project site. Those who participated would be able to search the “map” to find a Member Card NFT. However, after launch the company noted the cap of available items had been hit and that it will raise the number in the coming days. However, it only tentatively set a possible March 25, 2023 return for the activity.

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The Symbiogenesis Treasure Hunt to earn a Member Card NFT was supposed to run until April 4, 2023. The world map appeared, and people could click certain areas to attempt to find one. People could enter once per wallet, to get the Member Card NFT (Green). However, at 2:45am ET on March 17, 2023, Square Enix notified people that all 30,000 had been claimed.

Here’s how these NFTs would look.

And here’s the official announcement saying they’d all been found, but more will be coming.

Square Enix’s Symbiogenesis NFT project is in development.

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