Square Enix TGS 2021 Music Program to Feature NieR Series Composer

TGS 2021 Nier

Square Enix has revealed its schedule for the Square Enix Music TGS 2021 program, which includes a special educational program from NieR series composer Keiichi Okabe. On Twitter, NieR series creator Yoko Taro revealed that he will appear during this program in some capacity. Other notable composers that will appear during the scheduled broadcasts include Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu. A total of four programs will be broadcast during TGS 2021.

The schedule for the music program broadcasts is as follows:

  • Lounge Jam: Square Enix Live TGS 2021 – October 1 9pm JST/8am ET
  • Nobuo Uematsu’s “I Heard that Woodsmen are Popular…” – October 2 2:15pm JST/1:15am ET
  • Square Enix Jazz Live Painting – October 2 10pm JST/8am ET
  • Educational Program: “Worldwide Okabe” – October 3 3:30pm JST/2:30am ET

As mentioned previously, the Square Enix Music TGS 2021 with NieR series composer Keiichi Okabe will feature Yoko Taro. However, it is currently unclear how he will appear during the program. Additionally, several guests will appear during Nobuo Uematsu’s program. This includes Keiji Kawamori and Makoto Ise.

Square Enix has also revealed its entire game-related lineup for TGS 2021. This includes programs featuring Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, and Final Fantasy XIV. As it stands, there is currently no scheduled presentation for Final Fantasy XVI, meaning it likely will not appear at the event.

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