Square Enix Trademarks ‘Ever Crisis’ in Canada and Europe

Zack Fair - Ever Crisis

Just last week, Square Enix filed three new trademarks in Japan, “Ever Crisis,” “The First Soldier,” and a new logo for the Shinra Electric Power Company. At the time, we had no idea what these trademarks meant, other than the fact they were classified in the “mechanical equipment, paper, toys, and education/entertainment” categories. It appears that Square Enix is serious about pursuing at least one of these trademarks, as the publisher has also filed trademarks for “Ever Crisis” in Canada and Europe. [Thanks, Final Weapon!]

Of course, we still don’t know exactly what Ever Crisis will be. The trademark categories include the possibility of a video game, but there are also 127 other services/products that the trademark could be for. Fans of the Crisis Core and Japan-only Before Crisis games may of course be thinking this means only one thing: Ever Crisis will involve the legendary Zack Fair.

It could be a whole new game, or perhaps it will be a re-imagining of Crisis Core and/or Before Crisis? There is a chance that Ever Crisis could be a project that takes place after the events of Final Fantasy VII, but let’s not jinx it just yet.

Regardless, since part 1 of Final Fantasy VII Remake released to incredible success, it would be hardly surprising to see Square Enix try to bank on other FFVII properties. Part 1 is currently available on the PlayStation 4. There is no word on when Part 2 will release.

Keri Honea
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