Square Enix Will Reprint the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Revised Edition Ultimania

Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania

Square Enix will be reprinting the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Revised Edition Ultimania. A listing recently showed up on the official Square Enix Japan storefront, showing that the reprint was available for pre-order. Once again, this is a Japan exclusive so overseas fans may need to acquire the services of friends in order to purchase the 10th Anniversary Ultimania reprint. The Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Revised Edition Ultimania is scheduled to release on June 18, 2020 and will cost ¥2,090 or roughly $17 .

This Ultimania is not to be confused with the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania. This book contains information not only about Final Fantasy VII, but also information about games in the compilation series. That includes spin-off titles like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and the film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. While not as big as the Remake Ultimania, the 10th Anniversary Ultimania is 240 pages.

Ultimania’s are known to have detailed character biographies and developer interviews. The book that accompanied the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake had several interviews that not only delved into the development of the game, but also about a second meaning regarding the term “Remake.”

Final Fantasy VII originally released January 31, 1997 to the PlayStation 1 and has seen numerous re-releases on various consoles. Final Fantasy VII Remake is immediately available on the PlayStation 4.

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