Star Fragment Story Is A VR Communication Puzzler Where You’ll Help Out A Stranded Girl

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Publisher Mediascape recently announced a new game developed by ForgeVision, called Hoshi no Kakera no Monogatari (Star Fragement Story), an upcoming PlayStation VR communication game.





The subtitle, “Single Fragment Version,” was made that way as it is considered to be a prologue version, meaning there’s more to come later.



The story is about a girl who got left behind on a fragment of a star. Since the star broke and lost its power, the girl doesn’t have a way to escape and the star itself is no longer perceived by others. However, there exists just one point where the coordinate axis overlaps on the star, making it possible to “tamper” with another planet.


This is where the player is positioned, and by using the “device that allows you to peep into other planets (VR System)” you’ll get to look into this parallel world and communicate with the girl. You and the girl stuck on the planet will work together to solve puzzles, and bring the star back to itself in order to bring back power.


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The gameplay has one simple rule: players aren’t allowed to actually touch anything in the planet. You also won’t get to talk to the girl either. In order to take care of the “discommunication,” you’ll have to use a system called the “Focus Lock.”


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The system works by actually looking at any object of interest and mark it with a red outline. From there, you’ll have to make eye-contact with the girl, and she’ll go to it on your behalf. She can carry things, press switches, and perform various actions according to the item of interest.


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Using the Focus Lock system and action from the girl’s part, together you’ll communicate and solve mysteries.


Star Fragment Story: Single Fragment Version launches in Japan in early-Spring 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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