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Star Ocean: First Departure R Screenshots Compare Graphics And Updated Character Visuals



    We got a look at a new trailer for Star Ocean: First Departure R earlier today, and Square Enix shared more with screenshots comparing it to the previous version in Star Ocean: First Departure.


    Star Ocean: First Departure R is a remaster of Star Ocean: First Departure, a 2007 PSP remake of the very first Star Ocean game. In R we’ll get new features as part of it being an HD port and other new tidbits.



    Star Ocean: First Departure



    Star Ocean: First Departure R

    As you can see in the above comparisons, the original Star Ocean: First Departure is in standard definition, so with the upgrade to HD it’ll not only improve its graphics and visuals, but the font is also sharper.



    Star Ocean: First Departure



    Star Ocean: First Departure R


    There are new character illustrations based on the original designs. These illustrations are done by Katsumi Enami who worked on Star Ocean: The Last Hope. You’ll get to switch between both illustration styles at any time during the game.



    In addition to character appearances, they’ll have new voice recordings for the fully-voiced release of Star Ocean: First Departure R. For those who prefer the voicing from the original Star Ocean: First Departure will get to switch to it at any time as well.



    Field movement has also been improved with a new function to increased movement speed option. With simple controls, you’ll have the options to play at a pace that you like. Lastly, the game has been balanced through various parts, starting with battle difficulty that is described to be tough battles that are expected of the Star Ocean series.


    Star Ocean: First Departure R releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on December 5, 2019. The game is also headed Westward. Check our previous report for a

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