Star Soldier R Challenges You With a Contest



I'm a huge Star Soldier fan and I was psyched when I learned that Hudson was bringing over their Wiiware exclusive Star Soldier R to the US.  Any time I can play an entry this series brings me infinite joy. I've beaten most of the games in the series on most of the difficulties so I'm always looking for a new challenge.  Luckily, Hudson delivered this week!


Starting now  until June 24th you can register your name to compete in their "Shoot First, Win Prizes Later" contest.  They are offering free Wii points to several of the high scoring places. First place winners get five Wii games and 160,000 Wii Points ($160). 10th place winners get 10,000 Wii Points ($100). 16th place winners get 4,000 Wii Points ($40) and ten players at random will get 2,000 Wii Points. Head over to the website to register yourself, receive your specialized high score name via email, then be sure to post your high scores via Nintendo Wi-Fi to enter.  Yours truly will be competing in the contest so I'll be sure to post my name once I receive it and be sure to post your specialized nickname here in the comments.


Anyone up for a little competition?  See you on the high score boards! 


< Spencer's Note: This contest is only open for the US so I guess my Japanese copy of Star Soldier R is out :(. A number of states like Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and Vermont are excluded from the contest too. >


Images courtesy of Hudson Entertainment.