Stardew Valley Will Soon Bring Harvest Moon-Style Play To PC



Stardew Valley is best compared to Harvest Moon as it’s an open-ended country life RPG. However, it has support for up to four player co-op play.


It has been in development for at least a couple of years, but developer ConcernedApe seems to be getting quite close to the end of it all now. You can see how it looks in the video footage above.


There’s a lot to do in Stardew Valley, or at least, there will be. Mostly, you’ll be wanting to look after your farm by gathering resources to construct buildings, and allocating spaces for crops and animals.


Outside of your farm, you’ll be able to join the local village community comprised of over 30 unique characters, each of which have their own daily schedules and will offer their help if you befriend them. Among these are 10 bachelors and bachelorettes for you to date and perhaps marry.


There are also randomly generated caves for you to investigate in order to find minerals and gemstones, but it’s in these caves that you’ll also find dangerous monsters to battle. Other activities include cooking, fishing, crafting, archaeology, and decorating your house.


All the decisions you make will go towards deciding the fate of the valley that you live in. Depending on what you do, it could remain a small town paradise, or it could fall into the hands of the greedy Joja Corporation. Check out Stardew Valley on its website.

Chris Priestman