We don’t often see download sales numbers for PSP games, but Kadokawa Games announced today that the PSP version of Steins;Gate has sold 3,000 copies via the PlayStation Network.


The game was released on PSN on December 21st, so that accounts for a month of sales. Steins;Gate is also available via the UMD Passport Program, which lets you buy discounted digital versions of games you already own on UMD, so that factors into the sales numbers here as well.


Prior to its PlayStation Network release, Steins;Gate was released on UMD at retail in June 2011. The game sold 63,558 copies in its first week. As of the end of June, 5pb had shipped 300,000 copies of the game across PC, Xbox 360 and PSP.


Steins;Gate is headed to the PlayStation 3 this year as well. Additionally, JAST USA recently revealed to us that they have discussed the possibility of releasing the PC game in English with developer Nitroplus.


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