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Stellar Blade Gameplay and Story Showcased in new Trailer

Stellar Blade

The game once known as Project EVE has a new name, and it debuted anew at Tuesday’s State of Play as Stellar Blade. Developer ShiftUp has been working on the title, which features work from artist Hyung-Tae Kim, character designer for Magna Carta, Blade & Soul, and Destiny Child. It’ll launch under the aegis of Sony Interactive Entertainment for PS5 in 2023.

Check out the trailer below.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, the Stellar Blade trailer shows the first look at the game since September 2021. It features gameplay and cinematic footage, and a Korean-language voiceover. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Kim outlined the story. Protagonist Eve land on the surface of an uninhabitable Earth to reclaim its hostile environs for humanity. They meet with a survivor named Adam and go to the last surviving city on the planet, Xion. She forms relationships with her comrades as they struggle to rebuild the city and retake the planet from an alien species called the NA:tive. Players will be able to make decisions about how or whether to help the survivors, which in turn will influence the story.

Check out some screenshots of Stellar Blade in the gallery.

The character-action gameplay of Stellar Blade pits Eve against massive bosses, challenging players to input precise timing to deflect attacks and carry out devastating combos. Eve can use a combination of melee and ranged weapons, and her Beta Skills and Burst Skills will help even the odds against powerful foes.

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