Stick Shift: A Game About Pleasuring A Gay Car


Stick Shift is over in a few minutes. Or, at least, however long it takes for you to bring your gay car to climax. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, you can download it for free.

Don’t worry, there’s no human nudity in Stick Shift, but there is, as its creator Robert Yang says, “hot naked gay cars, big swollen exposed gear sticks, and oozing exhaust pipes.”

It’s an autoerotica game in which you use your computer mouse to stroke a stick shift up and down. You have to do it slowly, teasingly, in order to not cause the car to sputter out too early. As you do, you’ll slowly ascend through the gears, driving harder and faster. If you do it right, by the end your car’s exhaust will be dripping with hot vapour.

Basically, this is Crash (the novel by J. G. Ballard) the videogame.

Chris Priestman