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Stikbold Is Bringing Dodgeball With Boss Battles To Consoles And PC


Danish studio Game Swing has announced that its ridiculous local multiplayer dodgeball game Stikbold is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this spring.


And by ridiculous I mean it has hippies, whales, and skeletons, as well as huge boss battles for you to take on. All of it drenched in themes and palettes ripped straight out of the decade of its setting: the 1970s.


It can support up to six people having it out in its competitive courts – that is, four human players, and two computer-controlled players. Once you’ve been knocked out by coming into contact with a thrown ball, you can come back to pester other players as swans, sand sharks, and other creatures.


As well individual matches, Stikbold has a story mode that you can play solo or in co-op with a friend across 45 challenges. You’ll follow Björn and Jerome, two of the world’s greatest Stikbold superstars, as they “rescue babes, save the Stikbold! championships and defeat the devil himself.”

Chris Priestman