sfa2 Sony recently created a custom storefront for Capcom and someday the PsOne version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 will be on there. The ESRB rated Street Fighter Alpha 2 as a PlayStation 3 / PSP game locking it in as an upcoming PlayStation Classics release. This doesn’t mean we’re going to see Street Fighter Alpha 2 as a downloadable game anytime soon though. Konami’s Castlevania Chronicles, Suikoden have yet to materialize and it took Street Fighter Alpha a full eight months after the ESRB rating to get a proper release. Now that Capcom has a store PsOne classics make trickle in more often or Capcom could hold Street Fighter Alpha 2 as a future surprise to go along with the launch of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Let’s see what comes out first the PsOne game as a digital download or the disappointing Super Nintendo port.


Update: As Yurinka commented (thanks!) Street Fighter Alpha 3 also appears as a PSP / PlayStation 3 game in the ESRB database which means it’s also coming out as a PlayStation Classic. Interesting, but I’ll stick with Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX which Capcom released for the PSP back in 2006.


Images courtesy of Capcom.

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