Street Fighter: Duel Monster Hunter Crossover Introduces Gore Magala Ken

Street Fighter: Duel Monster Hunter Crossover Adds Gore Magala Ken

Worlds will collide when Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter franchise arrives in Street Fighter: Duel for an event that will run from March 16-29, 2023. In this crossover, players can tackle new challenges as they battle Gore Megala, a powerful dragon-like creature that first appeared in Monster Hunter 4. It will also mark the debut of a new version of Ken called “Gore Magala Ken.”

Gore Magala Ken can join players’ team to lead the charge against the beasts from Monster Hunter. This new version of Street Fighter staple Ken belongs to the “Infernal King Faction” and boosts the power of your team based on the number of other characters you have with the same faction. He is a balanced-type fighter and has the Savage ability, granting him +25 attack. His most potent attack is Tetsuzanko, which deals a large amount of damage to a single target.

With Ken aboard, you can challenge Gore Megala. Fighting this monster will cause it to drop items based on those dropped in the Monster Hunter series. These include Gore Megala’s wings, claw, and head. You can then take these drops and trade them for items at Wycademy Supply. These items include a new avatar frame, Arcade Coins, and fighters.

Gore Megala also can be challenged in two different modes, Normal State and Rage State, with Rage State being harder. You can make the fight easier by bringing Gore Megala Ken along to increase your damage output. The Shadaloo Invasion event will run alongside the Gore Megala hunt and gives items that can be used to unlock Gore Megala Ken, including monster bones and wyvern tears.

There’s also a teaser trailer that shows how Gore Magala Ken will look in the game.

You can play Street Fighter: Duel now on iOS and Android devices.