Street Fighter Origins: Sagat Graphic Novel Announced

Street Fighter Origins: Sagat

Udon Entertainment will publish a new graphic novel in the Street Fighter Origins series, this time focusing on the God of Muay Thai, Sagat. Street Fighter Origins: Sagat will hit shelves in April 2023 and explore the origin story of longtime series alum.

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Before he became a boss character in Street Fighter and a member of Shadaloo’s Four Heavenly Kings in Street Fighter II, he was an ordinary person living in Thailand. There he struggled to find his place. The comic will tell that tale.

The graphic novel will have the same creative team as Udon Entertainment’s Street Fighter Origins: Akuma. Chris Sarracini will write the story, with art by Joe Ng, and colors by Esped Grundetjern.

Udon also uploaded a four-page preview of the story, as well as preview images of the cover and a Limited-Edition Gold Foil Variant Hardcover version. Check them out in the gallery.

Sagat’s portrayal in various media, including Udon-published comic series, has varied. He appeared as the main antagonist in a comic miniseries focused on Chun-Li. In one story, he trains with Yoga master Dhalsim to become stronger, following his defeat by Ryu. In the mid-1990s animated series, Sagat was M. Bison’s second-in-command, and received his iconic chest scar from Ryu’s Shoryuken, and switches sides to aid the heroes in the final episode.

Street Fighter Origins: Sagat goes on sale in April 2023. Pre-orders for the limited edition are open via Udon’s online store.

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